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DItto to what all the other reviews have said.  My whole family goes to this office and we all feel the same way about every one that works there.  I especially appreciate the follow- up calls after any sort of procedure, whether they were performed  by Dr. Garcia-Rojas herself or not. Even though some of my  kids are away at college they come home to see Dr. Garcia-Rojas, because like myself, they couldn't imagine going anywhere else.

I could sincerely repeat all the wonderful things said by previous reviewers, but instead, let me add two brief points and a story:  
(1) Dr. Garcia Rojas has created a very comfortable and beautiful (but not pretentious) environment for her office space, and
(2) Dr. Garcia Rojas is extremely skilled in medically necessary dental work, and she is also a perfectionist with cosmetic dentistry.  Neither she nor her staff will push cosmetic work on any patients, but if requested, they will thoroughly explain all options, and beautifully carry out that which is chosen.
The story:  a few years ago my son had facial trauma that required significant dental and orthodontic work.  Dr. Garcia Rojas was the first person I called.  As it turned out, the orthodontic work had to be done first.  She invited the orthodontist to her office to begin the work.  (My son's mouth was so horrible that the orthodontist's assistant passed out when she saw it.)  Our orthodontist is a wonderful guy and exceptionally skilled, but it was Dr. Garcia Rojas' gentle hands and sweet and steady voice that pulled my son through that first day in the chair.  Today, my son looks like a movie star, and his gorgeous smile is truly creditable to Dr. Garcia Rojas.


I am extremely picky when it comes to my dental care, and I couldn't be happier to be a patient of Dr. Garcia-Rojas'.  I was searching for the perfect dentist after my long-time dentist retired several years ago.  It was not until I landed in Dr. Garcia Rojas' office that I knew I was home.  She is by far the best dentist I have ever had - skilled, gentle, intellegent, state of the art, terrific "chair-side" manner!   And she doesn't push agressive expenisve treatment like so many dentists.  I even had a little cosmetic procedure on a chipped tooth, and I was ecstatic about the outcome.

I was so pleased with her, I sent my son, who at 23 years old had always hated going to dentists and had not been to a denitst in many years (and his teeth suffered!)    She was gentle and supportive, and he now happily goes on a regular basis and is very dedicated to taking care of his teeth, due to Dr. Garcia-Rojas' support.

The office is beatiful, parking is easy and she is fantastic!!!!

I recommend Dr Garcia-Rojas 100%. Not only is she very knowledgeable, a consummate professional and a kick-ass dentist, she is also a very down to earth, friendly person. She always follows up, personally with a phone call, after procedures. She stops by your chair to say hello, even if you are not there to see her that day. She remembers your name, asks about your family, by name and has created a warm, pleasant and inviting atmosphere for her patients, including a gracious, friendly top notch staff. Dr Garcia-Rojas is very good at what she does, keeps up to date on the current practices in the field and is ready to inform you of all your options to help you make the best decision for you dental health. And...she's great with kids! My three year old just had her first 'official' dental appointment/cleaning. Went off without a hitch, and she can't wait to come back!


Everyone is both professional and friendly. Thanks to Dr. Garcia-Rojas and Deb, I feel confident that I can ask any question, and that they will give me a full and understandable response. Judith O'Dell


Victor Knotter-Finney I am truly impressed with the level and standard of service provided for the whole family. When it comes to dentist visits I'm normally a very nervous person, however here, I appreciate the time taken greatly. My wife and I were especially impressed with our 3 year old son (Lorenz) first visit to the dentist, he is actually asking when he can go again!


I like the professionalism, warmth and responsiveness of all of the people from Dr. Garcia Rojas to Kerry. Mary Paige








First, I was DELIGHTED with the entire appointment today: the care you took to make me comfortable (not easy), the excellent work you did on my teeth, and the patience of all three of you explaining this or that.

Hearing Dr. Garcia-Rojas say she loves what she does and thinks it's "fun" was icing on the cake (or raw almond butter on the organic apple, in my case). I can see that you are an artist with teeth, Dr. Garcia-Rojas, and get great pleasure in taking something yucky and making it beautiful.

I will be smiling a lot more, especially as the rest of the "smile" area gets the Dr. Garcia-Rojas' touch!

Terese, Corte Madera

I am thrilled to have Dr. Gabriela Garcia - Rojas as my dentist. She fulfills all my requirements and expectations. Her expertise, consideration for comfort and security of her patients, her rsponsible attitude towards treatment of wastes, her utmost respect for others makes her the best around. Her staff is top notch, always smiling and giving consideration to the patient. Her devotion to a painless appointment is highly regarded. I refer all my clients and friends to Dr. Garcia Rojas and am confident that I will never be disappointed. We are so fortunate to have her.

Jean M., Mill Valley